of students who used Counseling Services reported they would recommend Counseling Services in the Wellness Center to other McDaniel students.

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Mental Health Support Together in Healing Therapy Group

The Wellness Center hosts a therapy group for students with adult experiences of sexual assault. Together in Healing is for students seeking support with the recovery and healing process in a safe, confidential environment. As a trauma-informed and consent-based group, students are not required to disclose experiences and are offered a space to re-establish safety, connect, and explore steps forward in their healing journey.

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Education & Support Being Brave: Preventing & Responding to Sexual Violence Preventative Education

Since 2012, McDaniel has had a sexual assault prevention committee and we regularly partner with community organizations like the Rape Crisis Intervention Service of Carroll County. Annual events are held to educate our community about consent and all incoming students complete the Understanding Sexual Assault and Alcohol Education.

In addition, McDaniel College, along with nine other colleges and universities, together received a $750,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Justice to "generate new strategies to prevent, respond to, investigate, and hold offenders accountable for sexual assault and dating violence, and strengthen trauma-informed, victim services on campus and in the community." Efforts are visible across campus, in large and small ways, to prevent and respond to instances of sexual violence.

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Wellness Liaison Program Wellness Liaison Program

The Wellness Center has launched a new Wellness Liaison Program in order to offer more tailored support and programming to specific groups of students and organizations in order to increase accessibility for clinical services and outreach requests and to promote collaboration with campus partners. The Wellness staff liaison serves as a main point of contact who can answer questions, provide information, and offer support. Liaison assignments are thoughtfully considered based on natural connections such as shared identities/experiences and specialized training. 

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