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Only at McDaniel Step Ahead $475

Eligible Students: Incoming Fall Freshmen and Transfers

A Summer Transitional Program for Students with Disabilities

The Step Ahead summer experience at McDaniel College anticipates challenges that first-year students with disabilities may encounter and provides strategies for students to become strong self-advocates. Specifically, Step Ahead participants sharpen their skills in note-taking, reading comprehension, time management, study strategies, assistive technology, communicating with professors and roommates, college-level writing, independent living skills, and interacting with peers. Though summer bridge programs are offered nationwide, Step Ahead is distinctive in its broad applicability (in contrast to programs that focus on a specific diagnosis, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder), and its low cost. Step Ahead is intended for students with any type of diagnosed disability who are registered with the SASS Office.

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Support at Every Turn SASS Jan Term Opportunities

Eligible Students: All academic years

As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure all students take advantage of McDaniel's distinctive educational opportunities, SASS is proud to offer unique Jan Term opportunities. These trips include various study abroad and local options, providing supportive environments for students interested in expanding their academic experiences. Jan Term fees vary depending on location. 

Services Not Provided

Student Accessibility & Support Services does not provide the following:

  • Comprehensive diagnostic evaluation for determining disabilities
  • Special classes for students with disabilities
  • A reduced standard for academic performance
  • Exemption from graduation requirements (some substitutions are allowed)
  • Life Coaching
  • Medication Management

Our Mission

The mission of the Student Accessibility & Support Services Office is to assist in creating an accessible college community where students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate fully in all aspects of the educational environment. We cooperate through partnerships with students, faculty, and staff to promote students’ independence, self-advocacy, and full academic potential. Our department works within the McDaniel community to enhance educational outcomes for our students and promote the recognition of students’ capabilities.


Students who are requesting support services are required to submit documentation to verify eligibility under the ADA of 1990 and ADAAA of 2008. The documentation must include medical or psychological information from a certified professional. This documentation assists our office in responding appropriately to the individual needs of the student. For the most accurate assessment of current level of functioning, the SASS office encourages psycho-educational documentation to be no older than 3 years. Student Accessibility & Support Services reserves the right to determine eligibility for services based on the submitted documentation. All documentation is confidential.


Student Accessibility & Support Services works with each student on a case-by-case basis to determine and implement appropriate accommodations based on individual needs and documentation. Accommodations are provided to assist the student in achieving the intended outcome of the course, as long as the accommodation does not alter the fundamental nature or requirements of the course or program.

Connect With Us

Melanie Conley


Phone: 410-857-2504

Office: Suite 117, Merritt Hall


2 College Hill
Westminster, MD 21157