金沙js6038 offers top-ranked 学术 programs emphasizing a liberal arts 教育. Our approach helps you cultivate 批判性思维 and the adaptability needed to thrive in any 职业生涯 field. With our 支持ive 社区, you'll develop the skills for success wherever life takes you.

金沙js6038的承诺 金沙js6038计划

度 & 项目 找到合适的项目

At McDaniel, your major doesn’t dictate what you learn — it starts the conversation. Combine subjects, follow interests, and customize a degree on your own terms.

它始于承诺. 金沙js6038的承诺

你的旅程从 金沙js6038的承诺. It's our guarantee that you'll be on a path to success from the moment you set foot on campus. 通过承诺, you'll have access to a team of 导师s who will help you develop a completely tailored and personalized experience. 从一开始, 以及你在这里的旅程中的其他关键点, 金沙js6038承诺会帮助你朝着你的目标前进. 


这是一个计划. 金沙js6038计划

在你承诺之后, you begin building your McDaniel Plan: the foundation of your 教育, 这给了你力量去了解你想要什么和如何想要, 有无数的方法来定制你的体验. Build your 教育 around your interests, talents, and passions in a way that’s truly all your own.

金沙js6038计划 will provide you with a liberal arts 教育 that combines a comprehensive program of 通识教育 and a rigorous program in the major, 辅以选修课和一系列特殊机会.

学术成就 & 支持

上大学是一项重要的投资. We take seriously our responsibility to our students to 支持 their 学术 goals and promote their success. As you adapt to the rigors of college coursework and faculty expectations, 你将得到校园内各种资源和人员的支持. 最终, our barometer for judging the success of our efforts is watching you walk across the stage at Commencement and enter into our alumni 家庭.

你的机会,你的教育 特殊学术机会


全球伙伴 世界在等着你

McDaniel's prestigious 全球研究员计划 is an 学术 and co-curricular opportunity that enhances your 学术 study. 通过这次机会, 你会加深和拓宽你对全球问题的理解, 提高跨文化能力, and cultivate the skills and attitudes necessary to lead successful personal and professional lives in a 全球 context.


国家安全研究员 就在家里获得经验

随着对国家安全的威胁越来越多地侵犯美国人的生活, the need for professionals in every field with the knowledge and analytical skills to respond to these risks has never been greater. 与你的专业搭配, McDaniel’s new 国家安全研究员 Program prepares you to meet this need head on, giving you an edge in a surging 市场 of high-paying jobs in private corporations, 非营利组织, 政府机构也一样.


金沙js6038的荣誉课程 挑战你自己

1986年由教职员创立, the McDaniel Honors Program deepens your liberal arts experience by offering 学术 enrichment to exceptionally motivated and enthusiastic students. You'll join a 社区 of scholars dedicated to 学术 rigor while living in an 环境 conducive to the exchange of ideas. 


本科生研究机会 运用你的知识

金沙js6038, 本科生的研究是由学生的学习驱动的, a focus that means you'll get meaningful opportunities to contribute to your field early in your 学术 职业生涯. Undergraduate 研究 occurs in all majors and with the oversight of full-time faculty. You'll emerge from your 研究 experience empowered and with professional and 学术 skills 设计ed to help you stand out in 应用程序 for jobs or graduate school.


Jan术语 体验式学习机会

January Term (affectionately referred to as "Jan术语") is a three-week term between the fall and spring semesters in which students and faculty explore new areas and expand their 知识 horizons. You'll choose from specially 设计ed courses offered on and off campus, including 出国留学 tours with faculty that deepen your 学习 and inter国家al understanding. It's just one option you have for adding meaningful experiential 学习 opportunities to your college resume through the 金沙js6038的承诺. 


就业服务、实习 & 志愿服务机会 体验中心 & 机会

探索世界, 点燃你的激情, 扩展你的简历, 自豪地看着你的目标变成现实. 你在国会的那段时间里, the Center for Experience and 机会 will work closely with you to help you identify the experiential opportunities you're interested in and prepare yourself for life after college. 

从与社区伙伴的联系, 与我们友好的金沙js6038交流, 申请研究生奖学金, 学生们把他们的学术成果付诸实践. And for our students longing for a 全球 spin on their McDaniel experience, the CEO has you covered through many 教育 abroad options – starting with our very own campus in Budapest, 匈牙利.  


提升你的经验. 从山顶到世界之巅. 探索你一直想做的事情.

You can’t beat life on the Hill, but we know that there’s life beyond it too. That’s why we offer our students a wide variety of study- abroad opportunities in over 50 countries. Whether you’re attending our Budapest campus, interning in Brussels, or studying in Zimbabwe, you’ll have every chance to cultivate your inter国家al understanding and become a true 全球 citizen.

参加一个一月的海外学期. 这三个星期的学习可以采取许多不同的形式, but they all offer unique opportunities to learn more about yourself and the world around you. 你是否选择在巴哈马留学, 在好莱坞完成实习, 或者在不同类型的教室里探索一个新的学科, Jan术语s give you a chance to explore something you’ve always wanted to do. 一个学期的费用已经包含在你的学费里了, but many students take advantage of this program multiple times while they’re on the Hill.